Welcome to our new Website

January 1st 2020
We're giving us all an amazing Christmas Present by launching our brand new website on the eve of that special day.

There's so much happening for 2020. We have a new look, a much improved and simplified configurator and room for lots of content which we will be filling in during the weeks to come.


Not to mention, we are launching 3 brand new models for 2020! The F|DISC is all new, and thanks to our collaboration with Factor Bicycles we are proud to launch one of the lightest, sharpest, highest performing road disc bikes on the market today.


Also the F|GRAVEL is back in a completely new form. Bigger tire clearance, lighter weight, improved cable routing and axles its safe to say this bike is a big step forward to the already successfull 2019 model. 

_MG_9863 1

Last but not least, a new addition to the line-up: the F|AR. This extremely capable road bike has tire clearance for up to 35mm tires! That means it can and will tackle any road surface you throw at it. It's designed for mixed surface riding and long bikepacking trips but is still light and lively enough for every day road riding.

And now a disclaimer: We are still working out some of the bugs in the website, filling in content and adding products so please be patient with us in case you come across anything that doesn't seem right. If you choose to place your order we will confirm if with you by email so that we can be sure we get all of the details correct!


We would love to hear from you! If you have any feedback or questions regarding the website or anything else, please send us an email to fara@faracycling.com.